No one succeeds alone.
Our mission at Spartan is to transform 100 million lives. It’s a lofty goal and we can’t do it alone. We need team captains, like you, to reach out to your friends, neighbors, and co-workers to drag them off the couch and transform lives.

Spartan is not just a race, it’s rocket fuel for life. Spartan is the quickest way to move from the person you are, to the person you want to be. You already know this. Now, can you forge the life of others?

team captains
group running under a Spartan obstacle; beautiful sunset

You’re here because you’ve been identified as a team captain; A leader, not a follower.

You’ve faced the obstacles yourself and came out stronger because of it. Being a Spartan isn’t just about you, it’s about reciprocity. The greatest gift you can give to anyone is bringing them to a Spartan Race.

You know that Spartan doesn’t just build better racers, we build better humans. Be part of our mission to transform 100 million lives.

Commit to bringing 5 new participants to a Spartan Race in 2018 and we’ll send you an exclusive Spartan Forge. A hand-hammered reminder of your mission. Something that helps you mark every life you transform.

Simply complete the form below and we’ll send it to you now. Because Spartans always act with honor we know you’ll do your part. If not, we know where you live.

Commit to bringing 5 new Spartans to a race in 2018
and we’ll send you an exclusive Spartan Forge to track the lives you transform.