Conquer your mountain
Crossing the finish line of a mountain Spartan race takes a special mindset. Not only do you have the manmade obstacles to contend with, but also the mountain itself. Unrelenting hills will attempt to beat you down as you climb them, while brutal descents will leave your quads burning.

Over the next four weeks, this program will build your leg strength to get up hills, while growing your upper body strength to conquer Spartan’s signature obstacles.

This is the blueprint to maximize your fitness. We provide the tools to you, it’s your job to put in the work.

man carrying atlas stone
bucket carry minn

The only limits we have are the ones that we place on ourselves.

Your mind will always quit before your body will. When you are on the mountain and want to quit, just know you have so much left to give.

Conquering a Beast race is not easy, and this training won’t be either. However, when you finish the plan and come out the other side, any mountain will belong to you.

You will discover the person you truly are along the way. Stop waiting until “next time.” Right now is the time.

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