Time to ring that bell
Consider this a burpee avoidance manual.

With this Obstacle Training Guide, you have the tools and exercises that will help you conquer five of Spartan’s signature obstacles.

We can’t do the obstacles for you, but we can provide you the best way to prepare for them so that come race day, you are more than ready.

fire jump
ape hanger

No matter how hard it may be, go at it with full force and determination.

While everyone is else is in the burpee pit, you’ll be blowing by them towards the finish line.

Need some motivation? Find a training partner, and you’ll push each other to improve.Success in life follows success on the Spartan course. You begin to seek out challenges rather than avoid them.

You will discover the person you truly are along the way. Right now is the best time to get started on your fitness journey.

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