Dan Roe

Dan Roe is a freelance health and fitness journalist, former Division I track and field athlete, and a master's candidate at the University of Missouri School of Journalism. He still runs (slower), rides bikes, and is constantly pursuing other ways of collecting scrapes and bruises in the great outdoors.
Timing Nutrients

Protein Timing & the Anabolic Window

Among the tidbits of exercise physiology the average lifter knows is this: ingest protein within 30 minutes of ending a workout. In failing to do so, an athlete risks letting

tough kid

Our Kids Aren’t Tough Enough

The year is 1945. A troop transporter steams into New York Harbor and offloads thousands of American GIs, many of them boys when they enlisted. You ask one, age 18,


An Unstoppable Spartan

It started with a case of whiplash. Innocent enough, Victoria Stopp thought as she attempted to work out a kink in her neck before the end of her shift as


No Strangers to Hurricane Heat

It may have been the island’s first Spartan race, but after Hurricane Maria, the obstacle course racing community was primed to test its fortitude again. When Hurricane Maria hit Puerto

Racing in Sparta

Coaching From the Ancient Spartans

You’ve done the Spartan Race, you’ve shouted the “Aroo!” chant, but how much do you know about the ancient Greek warriors for whom this obstacle course race owes its namesake?

Hartley Mahfood

Meet the Busiest Man in Spartan

Hartley Mahfood never set out to be the superlative at anything. Certainly nothing athletic, he would’ve told you just a few years ago, had you asked the 35-year-old whether he

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Build Your Ankles into Steel Springs

Gearing up for a mountain or trail run means risking an ankle sprain. Uneven footing and misplaced steps are facts of life, and if your stability and mobility is already