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    Emily Abbate

    Emily Abbate is a writer and editor who's written for Self, Shape, GQ, and Runner's World (among others). As a certified personal trainer and running coach, she's often found tackling long runs, lifting heavy things, and diving into loaded bloody Marys that, to some people, might be considered an entire meal.
    Get Strict Pull-ups through a training program.

    How To Get Strict Pull-Ups

    Get Strict Pull-ups: The Path There are few tests in the gym more intimidating than a strict pull-up. To get strict pull-ups is like earning a new belt in Karate.

    Racing In the Heat

    Hot Weather Racing Tips

    Racing in the Heat. Just like the best of partnerships, each and every Spartan race has its own set of challenges. Among the hardest? Dealing with extremely warm temperatures. That’s

    Jumping Rope

    Go-To Jump Rope Workouts

    Pick up a jump rope, and you may be transported back in time to high school gym class. The difference? Back then, it was all about fun and games, but

    Summer Mocktails Near the Swimming Pool

    5 Skinny Mocktails for July 4

    Long gone are the days where people only opted for mocktails—a combination of the words “mock” and “cocktail”—because they’d sworn off alcohol. Mixologists everywhere have brought new life to concoctions