Emily Abbate

Emily Abbate is a writer and editor who's written for Self, Shape, GQ, and Runner's World (among others). As a certified personal trainer and running coach, she's often found tackling long runs, lifting heavy things, and diving into loaded bloody Marys that, to some people, might be considered an entire meal.
Best core exercises: Build Core Muscles, Core Exercises

This Core Exercise Rules Them All

Best core exercises: Is there one from the bunch that is especially good? Whether you’re a professional or an everyday athlete, your core is integral to everything you do. Made

mental toughness

How to Raise Spartan Kids

If there’s one thing that Nathan Voyer, a racer with close to 30 Spartan races under his belt, can’t wait for, it’s the day his son Levi turns four years

Vanessa Gebhardt

Interview: Vanessa Gebhardt

Vanessa Gebhardt started doing Spartan Races in 2016, she was looking to push herself outside of her comfort zone. Now a 17-time racer, the 29-year-old has made the podium an