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    Jake Shillue

    Jake Shillue is the Acquisition Marketing Manager at Spartan, is an avid hiker, and plays club ultimate frisbee in Boston. He also once ran a 1:59:50 half-marathon dressed as a Ninja Turtle.

    Rope Climbing 30,000 Feet

    Picture yourself running a Spartan race. You come to the rope climb, ascend the (roughly) 16 feet, and ring the bell. Now, imagine pulling 1,937 times that distance of rope

    burpee, ladder

    Burpee Ladder of Death

    It was a beautiful spring day; the sun was shining, and birds were chirping. New England is comprised of two types of weather: snow, or the surface of the sun.

    improbable stories

    Improbable Sports Stories of 2018

    Everyone loves a good underdog story; USA taking down Russia in the 1980 Olympics, Appalachian State football taking down Michigan, Michael Jordan and the Toon Squad defeating the Monstars in

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    More Tips To Kick Your Cold

    Typically, when you let your boss know you are staying home sick, you will get a, “Okay, feel better,” or a, “I will still need those TPS reports,” reply. Not