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    Jason Jaksetic

    Jason Jaksetic is an SGX coach and a go-to guy for all things involving a Spartan lifestyle. He enjoys doing Ultra-Beasts and Double Anvil Triathlons (4.8 mile swim, 224 mile bike, 52.4 m run). He once lived in a barn and really enjoyed it. Follow him on social media for Spartan tips.
    barn beast workout

    Barn Beast Workout

    Warm up: 10 minute run. Gradually increase intensity. Main Set 30 seconds squat thrusters 30 seconds rest 30 seconds pancake slams 30 seconds rest Hill repeat with sandbag rest 1

    Chai Pudding

    Top 3 Desserts for Summer

    Summer desserts are important. Outdoor activity seems to create the ultimate setting for the desserts of summer. Summer is not the time for hot ovens and steamy kitchens. Summer is

    American Flag

    4 Spartan Ways To Celebrate July 4th

    The 4th is a time to reflect upon being free. And with freedom comes responsibility, and with responsibility comes challenge. Indeed, there are challenges and responsibilities that confront us as