Megan Beck

Megan Beck, M.S., ATC, CSCS, SGX - Megan is a Certified Athletic Trainer and a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist with a Masters of Science in Injury Prevention and Performance Enhancement from California University of Pennsylvania. Megan is a 6x Spartan Trifecta Tribe member and when she’s not covered in mud on any given Spartan Race course, you can find her at the front of a rock concert or venturing around Boston with her German Shepherd, Titan.
Bucket carry workout

5 Workouts for the Bucket Carry

We are focusing on building the physical requirements for the Bucket Carry, as well as mental toughness to execute it. You will push yourself to your limits, and then you


Spartan Multirig Training: A 5-Workout Plan Everybody you talk to has had Multirig horror stories. Most often, they involve worn down grip strength and an unpredictable array of various grip-intensive hanging attachments they weren’t expecting.

stretching flexibility

7 Days to Increased Muscular Flexibility

  Want to avoid injury? Work on building muscular flexibility Want to produce more force? The same. Using eccentric contractions, you can work toward making progress in muscular flexibility in

muscular strength dunk wall

Lift Big Weights, Get Bigger Results

Lifting heavy weights is not a new phenomenon. Research has long suggested that you will gain more strength when exercising with heavier weights. We’ve all seen the muscle magazines and


5 Maximum Strength Workouts

Everybody wants to be stronger. Your strength single-handedly determines your abilities in fitness and in life. This week, maximum strength is your sole aim. Here are 5 workouts to spread

fortify running

A 28-Day Spartan 5k Running Plan

A Spartan 5k running plan: Starting today, we are training you to be a runner, Spartan-style. Over the next 28 days, you will engage in a running-intensive program geared towards

weight loss

Weight Loss: A Spartan Side Effect

In today’s society, weight loss is one of the primary motivations for people to begin a healthy lifestyle. However, weight-loss is a deceiving concept in the fitness world. It’s more