Patty Hodapp

Patty Hodapp is a nationally-renowned journalist reporting from the intersection of fitness and adventure. She writes for Outside magazine, Travel Channel, and VICE among other publications. She's based in Vail, Colorado, and when she's not fly fishing, snowboarding, or trail running, you can find her writing abroad or planning her next trip. Get in touch or learn more at
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5 Reasons Why Failure Is Good for You

Whether you’re a team captain, an HR professional, or a C-level executive responsible for employee performance, we’re here to help you innovate corporate wellness and culture the Spartan way. From

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5 Jaw-Dropping Spartan Transformations

At Spartan, we purposefully make races challenging. Our entire ethos centers around tackling obstacles on the race course—and in life—with grit, determination, and perseverance. As we move through the miles, we build