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    Robert Shimonski

    Rob is a worldwide bestselling author and freelance writer based in Long Island, NY focusing on topics such a technology, martial arts, fitness and OCR. Currently a certified fitness trainer and a SGX Level 2 coach for Spartan, Rob focuses on getting new racers ready for their first Spartan challenge.
    Running Shoes

    Fix Your Feet

    Take care of your feet, or you will be out of commission. Just like when I served in the military years ago, the same rules apply to the life of

    Fort Benning Race

    Back to Boot Camp

    As March closes and Spring appears, so has the Spartan Honor series starting in April at Fort Benning, GA. Out like a Lion they say… in like a Lamb. There

    Small meal

    Racing & Fasting

    Being in great shape and being in race shape go hand in hand—or do they? As we prepare for Spartan races we always want to be our best, but that