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    mount everest facts

    Blind Descent of Everest

    You probably have good working set of Mount Everest facts from the book Into Thin Air and about how difficult (and potentially deadly) not only climbing Everest is, but climbing

    problem solving skills from Dr. Jeff Karp

    Solve Problems the Bio-Tech Way

    How are your problem solving skills? And what does it take to solve complicated and seemingly insurmountable challenges? When it comes to problem solving skills, Dr. Jeff Karp, Principal Investigator

    multi-rig man spartan

    Multi-rig Obstacle Training

    Multi-rig obstacle training will emphasize your upper-body conditioning and grip strength. This week of workouts can stand alone as a mini boot camp for training for the Multi-rig or you

    self confidence

    Get Out of Your Head

    Disqualifying the positives occurs when you discount positive experiences and accomplishments but invite in the negative. It can occur anywhere and becomes problematic when you struggle to acknowledge achievement. We