TJ Murphy

The Senior Editor of Spartan Life, T.J. Murphy is a New York Times bestselling author and former editor of Triathlete Magazine. His writing has also appeared in Outside & Runner's World.
Obstacle Course Carry

Training for Spartan Iceland—in Iraq

Training for Spartan Iceland (the ultra world championship this December) can take some innovation depending on circumstances. Through email I recently met Travis Atkinson, who is one of our challengers

Death Race

Photo Gallery: The Death Race

Tomorrow, July 11, 2018 at 10pm EST,  is the 2018 edition of the Death Race, held in Vermont. Put on by Peak Races, you can follow on our Facebook page.

Burpee Challenge

Welcome to Our Burpee Challenge

Thanks for your interest in our 30-day Burpee Challenge. I say “our” because I didn’t have any idea that so many Spartans would want to jump in on this. You

pose running

Get Started Pose Running in 30 Seconds

Valerie Hunt is a Master Pose Coach based in Austin, Texas. She is the coach of top Spartan competitor (and mom) Jennifer Yeargain Fisher. In the video, Valerie demonstrates a fundamental


20,000 Burpees for Father’s Day

“What would you like to do on Father’s Day?” my wife, Gretchen, asked me yesterday morning. In a round-about fashion, in part because I was reading an advanced copy of