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  • The Complete Spartan Guide to Bodyweight Exercises

    The plank is a foundational bodyweight exercise.
    The plank is a foundational bodyweight exercise.

    Bodyweight exercises are a fundamental aspect of exercise and fitness. These movements are a great addition to any workout, as they’re relatively simple to master, require no expense, and can be performed anytime, anywhere.

    1. Bodyweight Exercises Save Time 

    Want to work out, but don’t feel like trekking to the gym? Or, want to work out, but aren’t quite ready to take on the gym? There’s a bodyweight workout for that.

    2. Bodyweight Exercises Solve Travel Problems

    If you’re traveling, and don’t have access to a gym or want an excuse to explore your newfound surroundings whilebreaking a sweat, there’s a bodyweight workout for that.

    3. Bodyweight Exercises Solve All Sorts of Problems

    Maybe you lack time, money, or any other logistics that affect your ability to consistently exercise. You guessed it: There’s a bodyweight workout for that, too.

    A Complete Guide to Bodyweight Exercises

    Below, you’ll find a list of Spartan-approved bodyweight exercises that will help you build strength, power, and endurance, while duly toning and sculpting your frame.

    Each movement is linked to a demonstration video that will show you how to complete the movement with proper form.

    As mentioned previously, these bodyweight exercises can be strung together  to form a sweat-inducing workout masterpiece. You can also sprinkle them into any other routine, be it some form of cross training, HIIT, Tabata, or even CrossFit. In short, body weight movements provide a choose-your-own-adventure option for staying fit and effectively leave you with #NoExcuses. Take a look at the list below and start on your path toward more diversified workouts and a fitter tomorrow.

    Lower Body

    Squat Variations: Sumo SquatsBasic Body Weight SquatJump Squats

    Split Squat/Lunges: Lunges | Bulgarian Split SquatsLateral Split SquatsTransverse Split Squats3-Way Split Squat | Split Squats

    Single Leg Exercises: Step Ups | Single Leg Reach | Single Leg Box Squat

    More Lower BodyWall SitsGlute Bridges

    Upper Body

    Push-Ups: Standard Push-UpsDecline Push-UpsSingle Leg Push-UpsPlyometric Push-Ups | Dolphin Push-Ups

    More Upper Body: Shoulder Taps | Dips | Pull-Ups

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    Planks: PlankSide Planks | Plank Saw

    Obliques: Russian Twists

    More Core: Toe Touches | Leg LowersHanging Leg RaisesHollow Hold

    Total Body

    Plyometrics: BurpeesBroad JumpsBox Jumps

    Full Body: Bird Dog | Jumping JacksBear Crawl

    Put bodyweight training in to action today with the Spartan Bodyweight Training Plan.

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