tire flip

How to Flip a Tire

The Tire Flip Flip: Definition A tractor tire that is 400# (Men) and 200# (women) that you need to pick up one end and flip over multiple times What it

Make it a great summer

20 Fitness Hacks for Summer

Do you have summer racing coming up?  Here’s a checklist of things you should be doing to prepare. Follow this checklist to keep yourself motivated, clean up your diet, and


Surviving the Twister

What It Is A twisting set of handles on a rotating bar length-wise. Each handle is off set from the next at about 20 degrees. So when you grab on

rea kolbl

How Rea Kolbl Crushes It

In 2013, Rea Kolbl took on her first Spartan race with a bunch of friends after seeing it as a deal on Groupon. Immediately she was hooked. Fast-forward to 2016,

trail running

Become an All-Terrain Vehicle

Regular Spartan Race competitors know one thing for sure – you should never doubt the difficulty of a race terrain. Three miles might seem a cinch, until you’re struggling in