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    Spartan world championships preview

    2018 Spartan Worlds: The Women

    Spartan World Championships Preview: The Women This Saturday, the world’s top athletes will arrive in Squaw Valley for the Spartan Race World Championship Beast. The competition has been the best

    Racing In the Heat

    Hot Weather Racing Tips

    Racing in the Heat. Just like the best of partnerships, each and every Spartan race has its own set of challenges. Among the hardest? Dealing with extremely warm temperatures. That’s

    Obstacle Course Carry

    Training for Spartan Iceland—in Iraq

    Training for Spartan Iceland (the ultra world championship this December) can take some innovation depending on circumstances. Through email I recently met Travis Atkinson, who is one of our challengers

    Make it a great summer

    20 Fitness Hacks for Summer

    Do you have summer racing coming up?  Here’s a checklist of things you should be doing to prepare. Follow this checklist to keep yourself motivated, clean up your diet, and


    Surviving the Twister

    What It Is A twisting set of handles on a rotating bar length-wise. Each handle is off set from the next at about 20 degrees. So when you grab on