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    Joe De Sena

    Do the Impossible: A 5-Step Plan

    Do the Impossible

    What’s your take on the impossible? Here’s part of mine: I’ve banned two things from our Spartan Race headquarters in Boston: soda and the word “can’t.” One kills people, and

    raw vegan

    Can You Eat Raw Vegan & Race?

    Spartan Up! Episode #214: What do these top ranked racers eat? Myriam and Jacky Boisett Can eating only raw fruits and vegetables improve your performance, health and recovery in racing?

    Build integrity through modeling others

    How to Build Integrity in 3 Steps

    The following piece on how to build integrity is excerpted from Joe De Sena’s new book, The Spartan Way. Order the book now to get a set of free gifts from Joe. Nothing compromises

    Joe De Sena Having Fun in the Water

    Make Your Goals Happen

    How to make your goals happen is adapted from Joe De Sena’s new book, the Spartan Way. Pre-order the book now to get a set of free gifts from Joe. How