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problem solving skills from Dr. Jeff Karp

Solve Problems the Bio-Tech Way

How are your problem solving skills? And what does it take to solve complicated and seemingly insurmountable challenges? When it comes to problem solving skills, Dr. Jeff Karp, Principal Investigator


How to Recover From a Setback

Have you experienced a setback? Setbacks are part of the human experience. We all experience them and they often come in different forms—the setback can be physical, relational, emotional. Setbacks

No comfort zone. Spartan photos of the year

Comfort is the Enemy

Success leaves clues. When I hear lessons from successful people, there are common themes and one of those common themes is getting comfortable being uncomfortable. Growth comes from being uncomfortable

Fort Benning Race

Back to Boot Camp

As March closes and Spring appears, so has the Spartan Honor series starting in April at Fort Benning, GA. Out like a Lion they say… in like a Lamb. There