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Multi-rig Obstacle Training

Multi-rig obstacle training will emphasize your upper-body conditioning and grip strength. This week of workouts can stand alone as a mini boot camp for training for the Multi-rig or you

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5 Workouts for the Bucket Carry

We are focusing on building the physical requirements for the Bucket Carry, as well as mental toughness to execute it. You will push yourself to your limits, and then you


Spartan Multirig Training: A 5-Workout Plan Everybody you talk to has had Multirig horror stories. Most often, they involve worn down grip strength and an unpredictable array of various grip-intensive hanging attachments they weren’t expecting.

tire flip

Tire Flip Workouts

The Yokahama® tire flip is one obstacle in which the variables remain constant. The women’s tire is 200lbs, the men’s tire is 400lbs. It’s definitely not easy, but it’s trainable.