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  • Afterburn Effect

    What Is the Afterburn Effect?

    You’re probably well aware of what happens after you use an iron to press a shirt or dress. The iron itself stays hot for quite some time. The same thing

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    The Spartan Strong Workout Tour

    Built upon the 5 phases of the Spartan Strong group fitness class, the all-new Spartan Strong Workout Tour will challenge your mind and train your body during a free, 2-hour bodyweight workout led by top Spartan Coaches.

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    Find an SGX Certified Coach

    In your efforts to reach your fullest fitness potential, you may find yourself hitting plateaus and needing more to achieve your goals. Spartan has certified SGX coaches around the globe who are there to work with you and build you up and beyond your expectations, smashing past any limits you may be struggling with. Use the SGX Coach finder to find a Spartan certified trainer in your area.

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    Become an SGX Certified Coach

    Are you a gym owner, or a personal trainer looking to expand your knowlege and work with Spartan athletes? Are you looking to offer more to your students and attract a whole new breed of fitness enthusiasts? Consider becoming a certified Spartan SGX Coach to take your profession to the next level. Find like-minded strength and fitness professionals, and join our mission to change the world one Spartan at a time.