Supplement your fitness.

Too often we only concern ourselves with how we train, and don’t focus enough on what we are putting into our bodies for fuel.

Eat real food. It’s as simple as that. This 7 day meal plan provides 21 high quality meals to ensure you are eating the right types of food to support your training.

Spartan Meal Plan
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We only have one body. Make the most of it.

Much of this meal plan can be prepped in advance, so you can use that extra time to focus on your 2018 fitness goals.

Follow for 7 days to jumpstart clean fueling, then add even more variety with the Food of the Week content delivered straight to your inbox weekly.

This quality nutrition plan takes more than weight goals into account. You will be getting the right balance of macronutrients (protein, carbs, fat) from quality sources.

Soon you’ll stop craving the refined sugar and sweets you used to consumer more frequently. Quick tip: Keep your purchases to the outside of the grocery store (fresh produce, meat, and dairy).

How to use the plan:

Women: Follow portions indicated and boost training needs with an additional smoothie.
Men: Follow double portions of lunch and dinner meals and boost training needs with an additional smoothie.

21 Meals That Will Change Your Life
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