back to basics

Brilliance in the Basics

Why get back to basics? The complex, flashy, super-sexy solution rarely survives substantial contact with any situation less than the ideal it was created for. Spartan STAND Episode #3 with

Christopher Herren

The Truth About Addiction

Christopher Herren:  The Truth About Addiction A former Celtics NBA player, Christopher Herren speaks honestly and openly about his addictions and his path to recovery. Whether dealing with addiction, or

readiness mindset

What Are You Capable of? Right Now?

Editor’s Note: Performance on demand and the readiness mindset: These topics represent the first discussion of Spartan Stand, our new podcast hosted by Brian “Tosh” Chontosh. Brian is a retired U.S. Marine

performance on demand

What is Performance On Demand?

Author Brian Chontosh is host of the new podcast, Spartan Stand. Performance on Demand is the focus of his first episode: Performance on Demand Some years ago I found