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  • mount everest facts

    Blind Descent of Everest

    You probably have good working set of Mount Everest facts from the book Into Thin Air and about how difficult (and potentially deadly) not only climbing Everest is, but climbing

    problem solving skills from Dr. Jeff Karp

    Solve Problems the Bio-Tech Way

    How are your problem solving skills? And what does it take to solve complicated and seemingly insurmountable challenges? When it comes to problem solving skills, Dr. Jeff Karp, Principal Investigator

    build momentum

    How to Build Momentum

    Momentum can build up in the positive or the negative. Here’s how you can build momentum and make it work for you, NOT against you! In today’s episode I’m talking

    integrate health and wellness

    Be a Force for Wellness

    What’s Wellness? What does it mean to integrate health and wellness? How can you integrate these principles to dominate the obstacles ahead?  How do you live your life well? This

    Don't make assumptions and free your mind from toxic thoughts

    Stop Wasting Time Mind Reading

    You’ve likely heard the words: Don’t make assumptions. What’s going on inside this piece of advice? Mind reading is when we make assumptions about what others are thinking or feeling. The